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I don't want to be anybody's prisoner.

I want to be a Queen.

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caveat emptor
3 July 1987
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I am only a bag of enzymes. don't think you have that much of a hold on me.

alicia is as alicia does. i try my best to live life. i love passion. i try to exude it. self-proclaimed poet. arizona native. dying to teach english in a high school setting. wish the human body didn't require so much sleep. vegetarian. wish i could do more. crave the kind of love found in movies and over-dramatic musicals. what else can be said? i own a head that is full of USELESS knowledge, but is good in times of scrabble and trivial pursuit. i love writing and viewing films. singing. listening to music. wearing clothes of a fantastic nature. i love my friends more than family. i hate being bored. i get pierced because i like how it feels. i dance when most people aren’t looking. possess a unhealthy obsession with productivity. quote collector. my smile gets me in trouble. diction and fluency turns me on. pushover. can stake no claim to keeping my own secrets. i talk too much. give out terms of endearment like candy. i dream too large for my own good. i am obsolete. p.s. this is truth.

Social capital

  • less than 10